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Return service

Returns can be quite a job, especially if all packages arrive at your door. The working method/process is essential for efficient return processing. Precisely because there is a lot of profit to be made here for most webshops.​

Return processing is an important part of the fulfillment process. Delays and poor communication are the main causes of dissatisfaction. Consumers who have a bad experience with returning items will be less likely to place a new order with the same webshop. The necessary profit can therefore be made in the return processing.
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Parcels from Service Points

Why choose Service Points?

Everything is set up within 24 hours.

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Sharp prices

We work with an affordable subscription system that is charged monthly. In addition, there are still limited processing costs per return shipment to be handled.

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Less customer service

Many questions are about returning products. Fast and efficient returns handling reduces the pressure on your customer service.

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No packages at home

Nothing is more annoying than returns arriving at your home. The packages pile up quickly and you have to arrange your returns manually. Instead, free up more time by using our returns service.

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Complete unburdening

By outsourcing your returns handling, you can focus on growing your e-commerce business.

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Fast handling

Returns are processed weekly. Subsequently, the returned products will have to be given a different destination.

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Real-time overview in spreadsheet

Keep an overview of your returns through our all-in-1 and real-time overview. This way you know the status of each package.

Choose a new destination for your returns

Returns are processed weekly. Subsequently, the returned products will have to be given a different destination. There are two options:

To a specified address
To donate


Excl. VAT
€65 /month
In addition, € 1.75 euros ex VAT per return is charged for receiving and processing the return shipment.
Monthly direct debit
Weekly return processing
Real time overview
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How does it work after you sign up?

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Sign contracts

We draw up a cooperation contract and confidentiality statement that must be signed by you.


Submit return policy

Pass on the return policy, give access to the mail and staff account


Return label provided

When the consumer sends a return request, Service Points will answer this e-mail with a return form & label


Enter return

The consumer returns the package (including label) to a DPD point. Service Points receives, checks and registers the return shipment.


New destination

Shipping returned products to new customers.


Returns overview

All-in-1 insight into returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I have signed up for the Returns service?

Then you will be contacted within 24 hours via Whatsapp (also keep an eye on your email, in case we cannot reach you via Whatsapp) and then you will start onboarding.

Can I list your address on my site as a return address?

Not the address of Service Points. You will be assigned a separate address for this by your account manager when your application is completed.

Can I send returned products to new customers?

This is only possible if you use the EU fulfillment service, not if you are a dropshipper and only use the return service.