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Service Points offers all the tools for SMART Dropshipping. This means that you as a dropshipper can automate your backend as much as possible and steer from data. If you have set up your business this way, you can scale infinitely and always make informed choices.

Below are the features and other USPs that all contribute to making you successful as quickly as possible. We also compare you to the standard dropship suppliers from China and show you, that if you are really serious and want to grow, you should join Service Points as soon as possible!

Bidding system with multiple suppliers/agents

Always the best prices through our bidding system
The best Chinese suppliers/agents on one platform
Always receive one or more quotes within 24 hours
Screenshot van het biedingssysteem in het SP platform.

Insight into supply chain statistics

See the real-time statistics and USPs of all suppliers/agents before accepting a quote (average shipping time, average processing time and dispute rate).
Be able to manage based on supply chain data through dashboarding and reporting
Different data insights with your orders such as; ETA, tracking status and local tracking
Easily open and track disputes and special requests via the platform


Automated order fulfillment and price acceptance
Direct address error detection
Automatic emails to the consumer for orders with an address error or "available for pick u" status
Every 2 hours the orders are provided with a tracking code

We are a reliable partner

Daily preventive order checks to prevent as many disputes as possible
Suppliers/agents only receive the money when the orders are actually 'In transit' and therefore receive their first real tracking update
Pay safely and quickly via iDeal, Paypal, credit card and much more
Two factor authentication to secure your account

We offer much more!

Be up to date on what's going on and take immediate action by using the notifications.
Create an employee account for customer service employees without them being able to view your figures.
Become an affiliate by simply sharing your personal link.

Why choose Service Points?

10+ MOQ
Private dropship agent
0-10 MOQ


Professional dropshipper

Amateur drop shipper

Number of suppliers/agents

Multi-vendor/agent platform

Basic dashboard/sheet with 1 suppliers/agents

Contact person

EU account manager with an advisory and supporting role

A Chinese contact person


EU timezone, High level service with transparent and clear communication, reliable and flexible

Time difference, language barrier, not always reliable

Product quality

Quality Manager in China

Often poor quality

Other services

Dropship fulfillment, EU warehousing, Sourcing & forwarding, Return service and store service

Dropshipping fulfillment and sourcing & forwarding only

Data and insights

Be able to manage based on supply chain data through dashboarding and reporting

Total lack of understanding of what is happening with the orders. Complete blind spot


The best price for each product by different suppliers/agents who work with a bidding system

Only the most competitive price for some products


Less customer service due to automated emails for address errors and orders with status "Available for pick up"

0 automations that will advance your dropshipping business

Dispute rate

Daily order checks to ensure your dispute rate is as low as possible

Preventively nothing is checked, lots of disputes after the fact

Payment methods

Easy payment with paypal, amex, ideal and many more payment methods through the platform

Limited payment options

Updates and improvements

Monthly new features, updates and improvements in response to your feedback

An error-prone spreadsheet that tracks your finances, no updates and also few improvements. We are focused on you as a dropshipper, their on packing and shipping orders.


No fee needs to be paid to Service Points, as they apply profit share with suppliers

Same fee as working with Service Points

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the same kind of platform / private agents as CJ dropshipping/Hypersku/Dayone?

No. you can work with us with multiple private suppliers/agents (including Hypersku and Dayone) and with CJ/Hypersku/Dayone only with one supplier. In addition, we provide insight into the complete supply chain data so that you can optimize in a targeted way. This is also not possible with the other parties. Finally, we provide a premium service through our EU account managers.

As an SP member, can I also provide ideas/feedback to improve the platform?

Yes, that's for sure. Please fill in this form .

Could it be that a certain function in the platform is not working?

Yes, that's possible. Then there is probably a bug behind this. Please always pass this on to your account manager immediately so that we can resolve this as soon as possible.

Will there be new features or improvements to the current features every month?

Yes, monthly and sometimes weekly updates go live. You can follow them in our Discord under the “Platform updates” channel.