4 tips for optimizing your website

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August 31, 2023
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Several tips to optimize your website for a better ranking in Google. Make these small adjustments and see for yourself the improved result.

Optimize texts

The structure of the text on your website is very important for optimization and a higher conversion. To optimize your website, you have to check whether the text contains the right keywords. By using multiple SEO tools you can see whether the text is optimal for Google SEO. This allows you to check whether you have an SEO friendly meta-discription and also whether the text has sufficient image.

Do you have no experience with writing texts yet, but do you want to benefit from the advantages? Then outsource it to different experts.

The loading time of the website

The faster a website works, the better. A slow loading time ensures that visitors quickly drop out before the website has loaded. You can easily retain these visitors by regularly testing how fast the website loads and what could be improved. Remove unnecessary apps and images on your website. The loading time of your website also influences the ranking in Google. Improving your website therefore only brings benefits

Call to action

Keep your website simple and have few distractions, the faster a website visitor will be inclined to perform the desired action. Therefore make sure that every page sends the visitor towards a certain action. You do this by only highlighting the Call to Action button. By giving your visitor as few other options as possible, you encourage the visitor to take action, which ensures a higher conversion.

Optimize website for mobile

About 50% of all website visits take place via a mobile. Mobile usage in the Netherlands has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to grow through 2021. Research shows that more than 70% of people use one hand and their thumb to navigate, so make sure to navigate for these visitors as easy and comfortable as possible. This optimization also increases your conversion. Always test whether your website is mobile-friendly and see what you can improve.