How can you make an impact with Facebook and Google Ads?

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August 30, 2023
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Why is online advertising so effective?

People are on their phone almost every moment of the day, they are looking for new things for the home or they are looking for necessary information. Anyone who is online at that moment is also a potential customer. When you advertise online you can see exactly who your target groups are and how you can best reach them. This is possible through Facebook Ads, Google Ads and much more!

Facebook ads

The most common way to reach people online is through the use of Facebook ads. So you can reach many people through Facebook ads with your photo or video ad, but this is not the only thing. You can decide for yourself whether you want to attract people who are more inclined to buy something for a good conversion or whether you choose to advertise for more website traffic and awareness. This is all possible because of the data Facebook has collected over the years about how users interact with content. Always read the Facebook guidelines carefully before you start advertising, so you avoid a lot of problems.

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Furthermore, Facebook ads bring even more benefits, these are a few!

  • Facebook campaigns are created quickly and easily, you can also adjust or close the campaign in the meantime.
  • The reach of Facebook ads is very large.
  • The Online results of your Facebook ads are measurable, you can see what works and what doesn't work.
  • You can advertise much more specifically on the target group with Facebook ads (for example, based on the interests of certain people and geographical and demographic data
  • Facebook campaigns are created quickly and easily, you can also adjust or close the campaign in the meantime.
  • Facebook ads determine your own budget and advertise with relatively little money

Google Ads

To get a bigger name and to send a lot of visitors to your site, Google Ads is indispensable. With Google Ads you can advertise on search terms, which means that your company will be shown in the Google search results with this keyword. When people search for the keyword, they often already plan to buy something. When they click on the ad, they are redirected to your website.

When using Google Ads you only pay when a customer has clicked on the ad, which means that the display of your company name is completely free!

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A few advantages of advertising with Google ads

With Google ads you pay per click on your ad, so you can start with a small budget. The cost of a click depends on the keyword's competition, so be creative! If you don't see the results you want, you can pause or even edit the ads. You can always measure the results and see if your keyword works well, you can learn a lot from this and therefore also get better results. With Google Ads you can do much more than just advertise on just a keyword, reaching people who are in a certain area or people who have already liked your ad before also works great!