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If you have to do everything yourself, dropshipping will take a lot of time! That's why we help you with product descriptions, videos, ads, email marketing and much more!
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NOTE: The packages are based on 1 week. 1 p/d = 7 p/w, 2 p/d = 14 p/w, 3 p/d = 21 p/w

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Package 4


Upload the product in Shopify

Writing a Basic product description in Dutch

Writing 1 adcopy


Making a custom video with Dutch subtitles


Create a Facebook campaign


Managing your Facebook campaigns

Prices (per product)






1 product per day





2 products per day





3 products per day




€88.00 + 5%*

Complete your package with one or more services or opt for a single service

All prices are shown excluding VAT
Prices with * means percentage of profit




Shopify Store Setup / Design


Upload product in Shopify

€1.50 p.p

Basic product description (200 words) (English) incl. 5 reviews


Basic product description (200 words) (NL/DE/SP/FR/SW/DK) incl. 5 reviews


XL product description (350 words) (NL/DE/SP/FR/SW/DK)


Reviews per 20 (no photo review)


Photo review

€1.00 pp

Page speed (making your Shopify store faster)





Simple video (English) incl. store logo & thumbnail


Custom video (English) incl. store logo & thumbnail


Video subtitles (NL/DE/SP/FR/SW/DK)



€3.50 pp




1 adcopy (incl. headline + description)


3 adcopies (incl. headline + description)


Facebook campaign with your strategy


A new strategy for your Facebook campaigns


Manage 1 Facebook campaign (scale up and expand)

€75, 00 pd

Manage 7 Facebook campaigns (scale up and expand)

€400.00 pw

Manage 21 Facebook campaign (scale up and expand)

€800.00 + 5%* pw

Manage 31 Facebook campaigns (scale up and expand)

€1550 + pm

Manage 90 Facebook campaign (scale up and expand)

€3000.00 + 2%* pm

Pixel fix (72 hours)





Logo design (simple)


Instagram feed design

Yet to be agreed

Instagram posts

Yet to be agreed

Instagram engagement (comment & like)

€20.00 pu

20 influencers for your brand


Influencer negotiations

Yet to be agreed

Blog 300-500 words





Create a product on

1.50 pp

Basic product description (200 words)


XL product description (350 words) incl. 5 photos


Product specifications


Keyword research

Yet to be agreed

Product research based on Boloo, Sellevate and Rylee

€65.00 p.p

Infographic image (photo/graphic explaining how the product works)

€7.00 pp




Product research (max. 20 pd) using AdSpy, Ali Searchers and Google Keywords

€4.80 p.p

Order matrix (pp)

€1.50 p.p

Facebook customer service (hide and reply to messages)

From €11.50 pu

Customer service (Native speakers available for each country)

From €11.50 pu

WooCommerce store setup


Email marketing (no cure, no pay)

10% of sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Does payment also work via the platform?

No, payment goes through one of our partners. You pay them directly, so the payment goes outside the platform.

What is the delivery time of the various services?

That varies per service. Making a logo takes much less time than a webshop. Therefore, ask specifically about the service you want to purchase.

Is there anything you can't do?

We can take care of almost everything that has to do with E-com and mainly focused on dropshipping. If you have specific wishes, please register first and then discuss them with the right person within our team.