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Colin & Davy

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Colin & Davy

After many blockades, many tests and, above all, many investments in other platforms, we have finally been able to crack the code with Pinterest. It seemed like no one could advertise profitably on Pinterest, this was mainly due to not knowing/understanding how the algorithm works.

​We are going to tell you now that the algorithm is much different from other platforms, but is extremely profitable and easy to automate with a team without blockages. This ensures that you can create a 90% automated cash flow through Dropshipping via your own webshop.

​Our names are Davy Poelman & Colin Gair. We are currently active in dropshipping for over 2 years. After a lot of setbacks on other platforms, we have made the choice to immerse ourselves in Pinterest's algorithm. There were a lot of opportunities here to set up an almost fully automated business. We used to have more than 20 different general and niche stores together (still running), but we are currently also working on branding.

​Number of benefits to Pinterest:

  • High profit margins, which ensures faster growth.
  • Easy to automate, which saves time.
  • No complicated structures required, which saves a lot of time and money.

Are you looking for 2 coaches who focus on quality instead of quantity? And do you want to experience more freedom or want to grow your business faster? Then we would like to invite you to a selection call! Is this exactly what you're looking for? Then don't wait any longer and send us a message today!